Three days @ $2750 + GST


People that are new to Scrum who will be working in a Scrum team. People that are already working with Scrum that want to improve their implementation through practice.


An open-mind and willingness to push aside what you think you already know.

Delivery Methods


The Scrum framework, its structure, roles, events, artifacts and how it all fits together.


  • Understand the core concepts of an Agile mind-set and the framework
  • Hands-on experience of the roles, events and artifacts of the framework
  • Design and creating a task-board
  • Create Product and Sprint backlogs
  • Understand the roles in a team: Product Owner, Scrum Master and Developer
  • Play an active role in all events: Planning, Stand-up, Review, Retrospective, and Refinement
  • Effectively participate in a team